Building Digital World Together

Business Ventures

As Venture Builder

In the startup world, we connect the dots. We believe that capital is not the most important requirement. We collaborate with founders and their technology teams to create a disciplined and iterative culture that embraces failure in order to take products to the next level.

As Co-Founder

CLADE works very closely as a co-founder with great leaders who can execute amazing ideas with excellent business plans and a deep understanding of market needs. Our team has extensive experience working with startups and enterprises. We can assist you in avoiding pitfalls by implementing best practices from the start.

Ideation Consultant

CLADE can facilitate you in evaluating your business ideas. We assist individuals in honing their plans by conducting market research, market validation, prototyping, and product testing.


CLADE is the technology arm of an Australian private equity firm that owns over fifty companies in industries ranging from mining to building materials to real estate to food and beverage. Some of these businesses are traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). We can assist your company in going above and beyond through our network and unique investment strategy.